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LucyM-827   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB  14 May 2024

Excellent instructor!

Ross was a brilliant instructor, good at explaining everything and patient when I would forget something. Managed to pass first time and would definitely recommend him!

GeorgeT-424   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB  09 May 2024

Great driving instructor

Approachable and knowledgeable driving instructor, always made you feel comfortable when learning. Always made sure to point out any minor faults so you were fully prepared for your test. Highly recommend.

JamesM-4109   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB  09 May 2024

Reliable, straightforward and effective way of teaching. it

Brilliant stuff always told me when I was doing wrong in a very constructive manner. I was well off around a month before the test in terms of driving to the level of safety and control required to pass the test (after 4-5 months of no lessons). However first lesson back I was told what I was doing wrong and trusted the advice I was given and managed to turn it around. This wouldn’t be possible without Ross’s help (and willingness to inform me of whenever he had cancellations so that I could get extra practice in). Driving with parents is great but I’m not sure I’d be test ready without hearing Ross in my ear saying “mirror, mirror, signal” at every turn. Top quality teacher who I’d recommend to anyone beginning to learn driving

AnyaS-29   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB  16 Jan 2024

Best driving instructor ever

Such an amazing driving instructor! My driving lessons were so so helpful and I wouldn’t have passed without Ross. Not only did I learn so much from the lessons, but I also enjoyed all of them. All my friends have said the exact same. Thanks Ross!

MickeyB-17   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB  03 Jan 2024

Excellent Service

Ross provided an excellent service. Calm, reliable and informative.

JoaquinT-1   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB  07 Dec 2023

1st timers

Honeslty such a great teacher, threw you into the deep end from the beginning but definitely worth it because it makes you so much better. Had great fun and passed first time.

JeffG-589   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB  09 Oct 2023

Amazing teacher

I passed my test first time thanks to ross’ amazing teaching style, where he lets you get things wrong, and learn from your mistakes but in a way where you never feel overwhelmed. He is also a very nice guy, and great to talk to. I can’t thank him enough!

GhazalA-2   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB  17 Aug 2023

Best teacher

I can't thank Ross enough for helping me pass my driving test with flying colors! He effortlessly shared insights about the ever-evolving driving landscape, making me feel confident and informed.He broke down complex concepts into simple steps and patiently guided me through each one. I never felt rushed or overwhelmed, and that made all the difference in my learning experience.Aside from his expertise, his friendly and approachable nature made every lesson feel like a fun drive with a friend. His witty anecdotes and relatable stories made the learning process enjoyable and eased my nerves. It was clear he genuinely cared about my progress and success.If you're looking for a driving instructor who not only knows their stuff but also makes the journey enjoyable, look no further. I wholeheartedly recommend Ross for anyone embarking on their driving adventure. Thank you for everything and for being a driving force behind my achievement! 

RubyC-50   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB  30 May 2023


the best instructor! nothing but good things to say about ross, would recommend to anyone :)

GeorgeD-418   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB  26 May 2023

Passed first time!

Really enjoyed learning how to pass my test with Ross. Really helped my confidence and learning the principles of passing the practical test.
Overall really nice guy and great driving tips :)

SkylillyL   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB  08 Apr 2023

Amazing instructor!

Ross helped build my confidence driving from the very beginning! After a bad test, Ross made me feel reassured I could pass, running though lots of mock tests to help control my nerves. I passed my test this week with 0 faults!! Thank you so much!

DanniiH-4     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB    25 Jan 2023

Ross has been an amazing teacher and I definitely couldn’t had passed without him!

After having a few instructors I had all but given up on driving! After deciding to try one last time I am glad to say I have finally passed with the help of Ross. As someone who suffers with anxiety, driving is terrifying to me! However Ross has made me feel confident and at ease behind the wheel and I’m so very grateful! Still can’t believe I have passed!! He has been very patient, informative and has a genuine desire for his students to pass! I’ll be passing his details to family and friends without a doubt!

TillyB-38   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB        08 Jan 2023
An exceptional driving instructor - the best in the business!
Ross is an exceptional driving instructor. I came to him with two failed tests behind me and within barely a lesson or two he had ironed out my multiple bad driving habits and significantly improved the overall standard of my driving. I only wish I had known about Ross from the very beginning of my driving lesson journey! I really enjoyed my lessons with him - he couldn’t have been more professional, diligent and straight-talking - and I am so grateful to him for getting me over the finishing line. Thank you so much Ross!

MattG-437   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB        20 Dec 2022
Excellent Instructor
Passed my test first time with less than 20 hours of driving lessons, all thanks of Ross who provides a fun learning environment to help you learn safely while giving you the confidence to pass your test.

KasimR   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB        25 Nov 2022
Great dedicated driving instructor
Simply put, I passed my test first time because of Ross. I found his teaching very beneficial and knowledgeable giving me the skill set needed to not only pass but also feel more confident as a driver. The use of mock tests and consistantly driving common test routes, around Tolworth and surrounding areas, was invaluable and helped highlight areas which were good and some which needed improvement. Ross is an extrememly personable guy and it was tremendous experience being taught by him

LucieT-19   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB        18 Oct 2022
Amazing driving instructor
Amazing driving instructor, very thorough and ensures you know everything you need to. Ross helps to build your confidence and push you all while making sure you feel safe.

GeorgeA-385   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB       17 Oct 2022
Thank you Ross
I passed my driving test first time at Tolworth which I’m so pleased about but I couldn’t have done it with out my instructor Ross. He was an amazing teacher and very patient with me from the start. He gave me loads of positive feedback with helped with my confidence. He taught me everything I needed to know for the test and every little trick that would help to pass. For example, I know lots who struggle with there parallel parking but Ross thought me a trick which made me get it perfect first time round. He was a great person to teach me and I enjoyed every lesson with him. I will be forever grateful.

CharlotteE-225   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      11 Oct 2022
The best of the best instructors.
Couldn't have passed without Ross. If you get him as your instructor, you'll be in very safe hands. Having spoken to a lot of friends and family about their instructors, I can promise he's the best of the best.

He's extremely thorough, and builds on your progress lesson by lesson. He doesn't limit you at the start - i.e you're driving from the very first lesson - and pushes you all whilst being extremely safe and incredibly helpful. He'll tailor your lessons specifically to your weaknesses and you'll come out after each one having learnt something.

He really builds your confidence and I'm pretty sure he could get anyway to pass their test.

And if all that wasn't enough, he's a really great guy. Professional, friendly, funny, and great to chat to! Thanks so much Ross.

AnastasiaO-4   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      05 Oct 2022
Best instructor!
What a pleasure to learn driving with Ross, he is very busy & hard to get but is well worth it! Passed from the first attempt! Thank you :)

HollyP-149   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      16 Jul 2022
Ross is a brilliant driving instructor. Absolutely lovely guy, easy to get along with and really helped with my confidence behind the wheel.
He helped me pass first time! Couldn’t recommend a better driving instructor :)

MaddieH-23   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB       27 Jun 2022
Thank you Ross!
Ross is a brilliant driving instructor and made me feel very confident behind the wheel. He’s super friendly and i cannot recommend him enough as i’ve passed first time!!

BenD-591   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB       29 May 2022
Driving Teacher
Ross is a great instructor, he will help you understand the roads and give you the confidence to travel through them safely, whilst giving you appropriate feedback. He helped me pass first time! Great guy!

BenP-2349   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB       27 Apr 2022
Driving instructor
Really good instructor, very knowledgeable and thorough when it comes to learning the basics. Incredibly friendly and talkative but not in a way that is distracting. Great teacher feeling confident with my driving now all thanks to my instructor.

OrlaM-36    five-stars.png - 77.85 kB       10 Feb 2022
Great Driving Instructor
Ross is a great driving instructor who I would definitely recommend. He is a good teacher and helps to calm your nerves when driving, which helped me pass first time.

JamieW-590    five-stars.png - 77.85 kB       22 Dec 2021
Great driving instructor
Great driving instructor who is easy to get along with and provides a good environment to learn in that helped me pass first time.

BrunoB-30     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     20 Nov 2021

 10/10 Driving Instructor, absolute legend!

Ross has been a brilliant instructor during my whole process of learning to drive and meant that I was able to pass first time! His methods of both explaining and teaching were fantastic and extremely easy to understand, and he would always make sure to check after he went over anything if I ever had any queries.

I could honestly say I do miss the lessons because it was always great fun, Ross was extremely easy to get along with and we always had something to talk about!

Couldn't recommend him enough, and thank you again Ross! :)

MaxC-1317     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     20 Nov 2021

Very helpful

Very helpful, Ross made me feel very relaxed and managed to get me to pass my test first time!

FlorenceP-11     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     17 Nov 2021


Great driving instructor, would definitely recommend thank you!

AdrianB-505     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     25 Oct 2021

Excellent instructor

Ross taught my daughter. She passed first time. He's a very friendly and relaxed instructor. My daughter was very happy with him and I will be using him for my son in a couple of years

WillT-135     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     20 Oct 2021


Nicest guy around. Very good at explaining while driving. Passed my test with 0 minors after around 6 lessons. Very reliable with bookings for lessons.
Highly recommend.

AnnabelleF-11     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     20 Oct 2021

Literally the best

Ross is an amazing teacher!! Honestly the best, he has taught me since May and I’ve just passed. He’s not only friendly but encouraging and supportive. He makes you feel confident behind the wheel. I would highly recommend him 10/10

AmeliaT-39     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     22 Sep 2021

Reassuring and efficient

When I started learning to drive, Ross was brilliant at calming my nerves and making me feel secure. Because of the backlog of tests, I stopped having lessons for several months, but on being given a test only two weeks away, Ross came through again. He gave me every cancellation he had and I went from near beginner to passing my test with just three faults in the span of these two weeks. On top of this, he is an all-round lovely guy and we had excellent chats during lessons. Highly recommend.

EmilyW-410     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     21 Sep 2021

Definitely recommend

Really great driving instructor! Super friendly and easy to get along with. He helped me to pass first time and made me a really confident driver. Teaching was really clear. Couldn’t recommend Ross enough!

GeorgiaD-79     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     20 Aug 2021

Highly recommend!

Ross is friendly, very helpful and great at explaining things. My older brother had Ross as an instructor first and he was so good that I had him as well.

JacobS-206     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     29 Jul 2021

5 star

Ross is a great driving instructor really easy to get along with and knows what he’s talking about after being with another instructor first I wish I had found Ross sooner

FinleyC-6     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB    12 Jun 2021


Ross was an excellent instructor, and great fun to chat to. Wouldn’t recommend anyone more!

OllieC-45      five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     16 Dec 2020


Having have previous driving instructors Ross was the best one, i enjoyed all of his lessons and was well prepared for my practical test.

JayneH-250      five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     09 Dec 2020

Excellent driving instructor - highly recommend

I would highly recommend Ross. Very professional and personable. Always on time and responsive to requests. My daughter passed first time and she has recommended him to friends as she really enjoyed being taught be Ross.

GeriB-11     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     17 Oct 2020

Best driving instructor! And I have tried a few!

Ross was the instructor who finally got me to pass my test! Highly recommended

AdamM-703     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     12 Oct 2020

Thank you Ross

A better instuctor doesn't exist. Having never touched a steering wheel before, Ross helped me pass with only 1 minor fault in a little over 2 months. As a bonus, not only is he an exceptional teacher, he's also great fun to talk to. Can't recommend enough.

CharliW-5      five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     01 Oct 2020


Great instructor, I passed first time. Always had great chats and enjoyed all of my lessons!

JamesT-1641     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     16 Sep 2020

Ross’s driving lessons

Just really good. Always nice always helpful and always funny. Had a great time learning from him and would recommend to anyone needing lessons/ help with driving etc.

AnnaM-475      five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     04 Sep 2020

Amazing instructor

Ross is an amazing instructor!! He gives clear constructive criticism to improve your driving, as well as positive encouragement in every lesson. He ensures you are thoroughly prepared for your driving test and I really enjoyed every single lesson - I will miss them so much!

JoshS-176     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     12 Mar 2020

RMC Driving School

Just passed today with only 1 Minor Fault! (Sorry Ross)

He is extremely good at what he does and I can't thank him enough, absolute professional.

Ross was my second instructor and I won't compare the two but this guy knows what he is doing.

The lessons were genuinely enjoyable (I'll weirdly miss them), also full on and you'll never feel like you're wasting any time.

Ross has a fantastic way of explaining things, he even pulled out a toy car a few times for visual reference - coupled with a binder full of graphics of every junction you could possibly think of. I always felt fully prepared before taking on any driving challenge while I was with Ross. I was always made to feel comfortable and confident.

A1 - Can't recommend him enough.

Thanks Ross!

OllieF-11     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     11 Feb 2020

Simply the Best

Ross is an absolute legend. Not only is he perhaps the funniest man you will ever meet. He is also a brilliant driving instructor. He believes in you more than you believe in yourself. His feedback is always fantastic and I was able to improve with each lesson. You will not find a better instructor or indeed a greater bloke out there.

AlexD-408     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     06 Feb 2020

Best Driving Instructor out there

Ross is such a legend and constantly gives the best advice using his experience to give you the best possible chance of passing. The lessons are always a laugh and I felt my driving ability constantly improving after each lesson. Could not recommend enough!!

TylerI-1     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB    30 Jan 2020

You wont get better. I cant recommend Ross enough.
Ross is an amazing instructor. He is relatable, personable and makes the lessons really enjoyable. From lesson one, he provided reassurance and positive encouragement. He was patient and gave me thorough explanations and clear instruction. On every lesson he arrived on time and made the most of the lesson, practicing a variety of manoeuvres. I'm delighted to say I passed first time, at Tolworth Centre. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ross and feel confident as a lone driver.

LaisaB   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     25 Jan 2020

Best driving instructor!!!
Ross is a legend, the best instructor in the area. Thanks to your brilliant fun, engaging lessons I was able to pass my test in a short period of time.
Ross is amazingly patient, and provided really clear, direct and concise instructions to help me improve my driving in each and every lesson. Cannot recommend highly enough !!!

 ChristineS-397       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB         20 Jan 2020
Brilliant Driving Instructor
Ross is great! I have tried to learn to drive a number of times in the past with different instructors and Ross was the best! Very patient, experienced & friendly and always happy to answer all my questions.

I passed my test (first time!) with only 2 faults. I would not have been able to do it without his help, thanks Ross!

JackD-256        five-stars.png - 77.85 kB           28 Nov 2019
Brilliant driving instructor
Ross was such a good find. Really friendly, great to get on with, explained things really clearly, patient, brilliant communication - just a great teacher all round. Thank you Ross for everything you did for us. I recommend you to anyone.

EllaR-38         five-stars.png - 77.85 kB            07 Nov 2019
Fantastic instructor
Ross has been a great instructor. I passed my test yesterday on my first attempt with him. I enjoyed all of my lessons and can highly recommend him. He has been so helpful, reliable and encouraging. He is very accommodating and easy to talk to during lessons so you feel at ease whilst driving. Thanks Ross!

LewisD-79       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB           10 Sep 2019
Excellent experience
Ross is down to earth, patient and very good at what he does. At the end of each lesson we would review all of the different elements of my driving, identifying aspects that I had done well and those that would require more focus next lesson, allowing me to continuously improve. I was also able to carry out practice mock tests during my lessons which really help you prepare for driving test day and ensure you are driving at a high standard. Thanks Ross!

OliverW-98         five-stars.png - 77.85 kB       08 Jul 2019
Highly recommended
Ross is an excellent instructor. He was very patient and constructive with his teaching style and really ensured that everything was to a high standard. Cheers Ross

 OllieF-9         five-stars.png - 77.85 kB       20 Jun 2019
Fantastic experience
Nothing but good things to say, really friendly and with a great level of service as it’s someone who enjoys their job. would highly recommend and helped me pass first time.

JamesE-300      five-stars.png - 77.85 kB          04 Jun 2019
Fantastic Driving Instructor!
Ross is a fantastic driving instructor... I highly recommend him. I passed my driving test yesterday and I’m so chuffed I past first time. Ross taught me to such a high standard that the test actually felt easy. Aside from his great teaching he’s just a really nice guy... made me feel very comfortable and a pleasure to spend time with. Thanks Ross!!! 

 SamuelD-35      five-stars.png - 77.85 kB       12 May 2019
First time pass
Really great experience with Ross - lovely guy and helped me greatly to a first time pass just under 4 months since I started. Would definitely recommend, especially since the world of driving instructors can be so confusing and treacherous. 

 EwanR-14     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      04 Mar 2019
Great sevice
Ross has been a huge help with my driving and always supported me with my test. He is defiantly someone I would recommend to beginner drivers.

IanP-428   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   12 Feb 2019
Ian peach
Passed my driving today with this company. Couldn’t of asked for more off the instructor and passed with one minor! The method of learning made driving even more simple for me and I would highly recommend.

CarmelaW-2      five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     07 Feb 2019
Super Driving Instructor
My son Jason has just passed his driving test with Ross and I cannot recommend Ross highly enough. From the get go Ross made Jason feel relaxed and helped to build his confidence. The 2 hour lesson worked a dream for Jason as he had to fit it around his A Levels. One of the best instructors, very lucky to have had Ross recommended to us.

 PravinV       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB       05 Feb 2019
Excellent Instructor
Ross instilled confidence in me and he helped me improve my driving alot. He is very knowledgeable and highly experienced. His pragmatic approach helped me develop my technique, as well as become an observant and safe driver. He is an outstanding instructor and I would highly recommend Ross to anyone.

 JacksonS-16        five-stars.png - 77.85 kB       28 Jan 2019
Brilliant - Highly Recommended
Ross has been a fantastic teacher throughout my lessons, he's a friendly guy who is incredibly easy to have a chat with during the lessons but is extremely professional. I now feel I have developed into a safe and competent driver and passed my test on the first attempt today!
After having lessons with another instructor previously and not feeling like I was progressing properly I found outstanding reviews for Ross and RMC online and decided to give him a go. I'm so glad I made that decision.
I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a first instructor or is unhappy with the way they are currently learning. 

DioneB        five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     17 Jan 2019
Amazing driving instructor would highly recommend
Absolutely amazing driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Ross is really friendly and my whole experience with him was so positive. He was really patient and encouraging and made sure I was fully ready for my test. Really the best choice for a driving instructor!

LiamM-233    five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      09 Jan 2019
Couldnt as for a better instructor


Amazing driving instructor, worth every penny and So down to earth! Till next time mate!

 GraceH-40   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   02 Jan 2019


Ross is an amazing instructor and really helped me to pass my test first time. I couldn't recommend anyone better!!!

MattS-358   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   21 Dec 2018
RMC recommend
If you want an instructor where you can have a laugh as well as learn with, Ross is your man. 
Passed first time with only 4 minors under his guidance.

AmandaC-255   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   10 Dec 2018
Would recommend to anybody
Really helpful and reliable. My daughter passed first time. Will be using when my son is ready to drive next year.

EllieC-71   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   10 Dec 2018
Highly recommend
Really encouraging, patient and overall very helpful. Was able to pass first time with his teaching.

JosephM-115   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   20 Oct 2018
Great professional, passed first time and couldn't be more helpful.

HemaN-1   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   28 Sep 2018
The best choice for driving lessons
Ross really was the best choice for my driving lessons. I'd failed three tests while with another instructor and I had zero confidence in my driving ability. Ross's no-nonsense and encouraging approach was just what I needed to help me pass. He worked with me to iron out my weaknesses and insecurities and helped me take control of my driving. He's very patient and will help you to perfect your driving, not just to pass your test but also to drive (and park!) confidently afterwards. He also offered to take me out in my own car for an hour, which really helped. And he's super friendly and easy to get on with, which is a bonus!

 ElisaC-5   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   04 Sep 2018
I had such a positive driving experience with Ross as my instructor. He was very honest and didn’t sugarcoat just to boost confidence, yet he gave plenty of praise whenever I did something right. This ensured that I was fully test ready when it came to my test - passed first time and very very pleased!

SamJ-207  five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   05 Aug 2018
Great Instructor!
Ross was a great driving instructor. I was only ever able to do sporadic hours throughout the year, and he was still happy to accommodate. He was pragmatic, and critical without damaging confidence. Rather than pushing for more lessons, he was instead concerned with whatever approach would lead to a pass. He's also extremely friendly and approachable, and it was good chatting! With him, I was able to pass first time.

SashaR-3    five-stars.png - 77.85 kB    04 Aug 2018
Incredible instructor
I can only express how fantastic Ross was as my driving instructor; he was patient with my weaknesses and incredibly pragmatic in his approach. In essence, the atmosphere he created enabled me to not only pass my test, but also to drive safely and independently with confidence once I had completed the examination. I wouldn’t look anywhere else for an instructor and thank him for all that he has taught me.

ChrisP-510   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   04 Jul 2018
The only instructor i would recommend.
Ross is a fantastic instructor, he gave me the confidence and ability to pass my test and more importantly to be a safe, competent driver.
I had been learning for the best part of decade and I would find that instructors were happy to take my money without much progression being made.
Never felt that with Ross and when he thought I was ready (after only a few lessons) he told me to book my test.
The only instructor i would recommend.

JessicaS-129   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   06 Jun 2018
Best instructor I have ever had!
Ross is amazing! He took me on with 5 weeks till my test with absolutely 0 confidence and I passed first time today. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. I came to him desperate for help as I was a very anxious driver due to a previous instructor. Ross is just so calming! I couldn’t have done it without him.

AlessandraT-3   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   21 May 2018
Best Driving Experience!
After changing to RMC Driving School I passed my test in a matter of months. 
Ross Is really a great driving instructor, he wants you to pass! I would highly recommend this driving school!

PurpleBicycle52-1   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   04 May 2018
Amazing teacher
I have to say I would never have passed if it weren’t for you, patient, accommodating of individual people’s needs, an excellent teacher and thank you so much for helping me pass yesterday, eternally grateful

ScarletBucket15-1   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   28 Apr 2018
Would recommend to anyone
I had a great experience learning to drive with Ross as my instructor, and I would easily recommend him to anyone. He's very experienced, and his methods of teaching make everything clear and easy to understand. He doesn't just teach you to pass the practical test, but he also trains you to drive safely, responsibly, and confidently, so you know you can be confident once you start driving on your own. He's a very nice guy, and easy to get on with, which means the lessons always have a relaxed atmosphere. He kept his cool in every situation, and dealt with any of my mistakes/misjudgements quickly and safely, so you can be confident you are in good hands while you learn.Would recommend to anyone without hesitation.

MagentaBroom85   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   27 Feb 2018
R.M.C Driving School review
Ross is a great driving instructor. He is easy to get along with which made me able to relax more at the wheel. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to pass their test

SilverFloor33   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   08 Feb 2018
Best Driving Instructor
Ross is a great driving instructor, I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is very patient and will go through everything with you until you no longer feel nervous. He is a great and friendly guy, who will give feedback to you at the end of each lesson. I’m so happy I passed first time. Thanks Ross!!!

MaroonWire57  five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   05 Feb 2018
Ross helped me overcome my anxieties and i passed my test today
Ross is a brilliant instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Ross is kind and patient and he teaches to a very high standard and he made me feel at ease throughout my driving lessons. I passed my test today and I am over the moon and I couldn't have done it without Ross. He is easy to get along with and is always on time for lessons and he has taught me so much, you will definitely pass with Ross and he really helped me to get confident with my driving ability and is 100% professional. Thank you again Ross x

ScarletCork46   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   03 Feb 2018
Highly recommend
Great driving instructor, knows the test inside out and is really easy to get along with. No complaints at all

TashDuerr-1   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   26 Jan 2018
Can't recommend highly enough!!
I can't recommend Ross highly enough. He offers a professional service that makes you feel relaxed but gives you the techniques, confidence and most importantly teaches you how all people should learn to drive.
He made me feel incredibly comfortable after almost 9 years of not being behind the wheel. He gave me my confidence back and skills that I will now take with me as I get back on the road having passed my test!
Please book Ross as you instantly feel at ease. Trust me it will be the best money spent with someone who is honest and genuinely here to help you!

BrodiePhillips   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   15 Jan 2018
PASSED FIRST TIME! Wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for Ross, he’s nothing but fantastic at his job and says it how it is, very professional and became some what my mentor in telling me to have some faith in myself and he wouldn’t have booked me for my test if he didn’t think I couldn’t do it. 
Highly recommend.

NavyPhone94       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB              12 Jan 2018
Excellent driving instructor
I would recommend Ross to anyone. He did a great job of building up my confidence and driving skills so that I could pass first time. In his approach, he made sure that I was ready to be a safe driver, rather than just preparing me for the test. He explained everything really well and gave helpful feedback at the end of every lesson so that I could focus on areas to improve. He's also a really nice guy!

 AidanM-31         five-stars.png - 77.85 kB              29 Nov 2017
Outstanding Instructor.
Ross is a genuinely experienced instructor who I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for a driving instructor for any stage of learningI have, in the past, had several instructors of various standards which have tried to prepare me for the practical driving test. I can say with absolute and complete confidence, Ross is the best, most thorough and most comprehensive tuition I have had. Because of his teaching alone, I have finally passed my practical exam and actually feel safe and prepared for the road.

Ieuan T-3    five-stars.png - 77.85 kB  20 Nov 2017
Awesome experience
Ross is a great instructor who continually challenges and improves your driving while at the same time creating a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment.
His teaching style really helped me focus on improving my own thought process so by the end of it I was confident that I knew what I was doing and was able to pass on my first attempt :)

  TkM-3    five-stars.png - 77.85 kB    19 Sep 2017
"Ross said"
Ross have trained and assisted me to pass my driving test first time. After 3 months of driving, I still use the phrase "Ross said". This simply tells me he does not only taught me to pass, his teaching stuck to my head like glue. It kept me safe and aware of the dangers. He did not waste time when we first met. He was able to spot my weaknesses and what I need to work on. There are so many instructors out there but trust me, this guy is a real deal. He is honest, friendly and most of all mega patient. He didn't yelled at me when I nearly scrape his paints from a bush instead calmly made a joke out of it. You will be in good hand if you choose this man as your instructor. Good bonus, he does cover large areas even up to Kingston. I specifically travel from Sutton all the way to Surbiton to have lessons with him. 


JosephD-34     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB        01 Sep 2017
Excellent instructor!
Ross is a fantastic teacher and I thoroughly recommend him. He is very friendly, easy going and patient.

 TiffanyP-9     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB    28 Aug 2017
Driving with confidence!
I have only good things to say about Ross! I started out as a very nervous driver and now I'm driving confidently, having passed with barely any faults. Ross is an amazing instructor; patient, friendly, and thorough with his teaching. From the start, he gets you driving and gives clear feedback on your progress after each lesson. He let me tackle problems at my own pace and was always attentive and encouraging when pointing out my mistakes. Early on, he said that his goal was not only for me to pass but to get me driving as safely as possible in the future, and I really do believe in it. Thanks again for everything, Ross!

JamesK-198     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     23 Jul 2017
Great for if you need to rebuild confidence
I passed my test many years ago, but never owned a car and basically didn't drive at all. 
Then, when my little girl was born and I finally got a car, I found that my confidence was in the pits - especially when there was a crying child in the back seat!
Ross was fantastic in helping me gain confidence and kick my nerves. Patient, friendly, and with an always calm demeanour - I would recommend for anyone who, like me, wants to drive with new sense of confidence.

 RosieB-31   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   02 Jul 2017

Amazing Instructor!
I highly recommend Ross as a driving instructor. He was always calm and patient, as well as really fun to learn with. His attention to detail towards the lessons was amazing and always tailored to my personal strengths and weaknesses. I always looked forward to the lessons each week! Thank you so much for teaching me!

 JorgeC-4    five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   05 Jun 2017
5+ Stars
Great instructor, two thumbs up!!! Helped me pass the driving test first time!! Highly recommend and 100% reliable. 

FmjkevlarA    five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   06 May 2017

Look no further. ,Ross is a highly skilled instructor that knows what you need to pass!

I had little to no driving experience but...

The first day I met Ross, within the first 30 seconds I knew this guy was going to be my instructor!
Ross is a genuine guy with a brilliant skill set and a great sense of humour that is always up for a laugh and puts your nerves at ease. I had alot of fun learning with Ross and realy enjoyed our lessons. He will spot every single fault with your driving and will work with you to iron those out and have you driving like a pro!
He had me passing FIRST TIME and I can honestly say "I do miss the lessons!". I dont think it's very often you get to say that about driving lessons, but as soon as you have your first few lessons with him, only then you will understand.

I urge you to have no second thoughts, look no further and just give him a call!

Thank you so much Ross, you are a legend!

Kevin Roberts
(passed 1st time)

 25rubyrockA    five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   05 May 2017
Highly Recommended!
Ross is an amazing driving instructor! He is so patient and willing to explain everything until you understand. At the beginning of each lesson he would always ask if I had any worries or questions, which we would then work on through out the lesson. I would highly recommend him to anybody wanting to learn how to drive.

PatrickW-37    five-stars.png - 77.85 kB    30 Apr 2017
Ross is a great instructor - his calmness allows you to make rapid progress without any pressure, yet he is someone you can have a laugh with too, creating a thoroughly enjoyable and constructive driving experience. He is super flexible, always on time and after passing first time with one fault would recommend highly to anyone.

JoseA-5        five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     11 Apr 2017

 Excellent service

Mr Ross is a excellent instructor. Give the best to you, very aware and gives you full instructions of what you doing and why.
This is the first and the last instructor you gonna need.

JamesT-223       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      21 Mar 2017

A superlative experience.

Ross is a great instructor, the 3rd I've been with over the years and easily the best. Punctual,
laid back and easy to get on with, extremely observant at all times and has very fast reflexes if you make a mistake and need help. He explains things very clearly,
is very constructive with his criticism and is committed to smoothing out every little imperfection in your driving so that when you take your test you will be absolutely on top form.
After years of failing my test on automatic with other instructors then giving up for a while, I switched to manual with Ross and passed first time. Highly recommended!

 SmitaP-1       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      15 Mar 2017



  HusseinA-3       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      07 Feb 2017

 Ross has been an amazing driving instructor, his calmness and patience creates a great learning environmnent. He's always on time and is flexible to suit you.
I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anyone learning to drive.

 HannahP-48       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      31 Jan 2017

My experience

I had a thoroughly enjoyable series of lessons under excellent instruction and at times that suited me.
The flexiblility about timings, pick up and drop off was unbeatable. I was given plenty of critiques so that I could improve my driving along
with praise which has formed me into a confident and competent driver.

 DiannaM 09       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      Jan 2017

Ross- the best driving instructor ever!!

Ross was my third driving instructor and by far the best! He was patient and calm and I felt that he created a positive (and even fun!) learning environment.
His method worked wonders for me and I passed the first exam I took! I definitely recommend
Ross if want to not just pass your exam but also feel supported in the journey of learning to drive.

 DannyS-51       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      14 Dec 2016

 I had 3 different instructors and he was by a milestone the best. Always making things work around my difficult schedule,
always on time and extremely helpful. When you drive, it's a relaxed drive, no pressure, it makes it a lot easier.
And even when you make mistakes he politely gives you corrections. Extremely friendly guy, will make every lesson a lesson you enjoy,
I passed with him first time with no issues at all. Would highly recommend.
Especially if you're nervous about driving, no matter what ability he makes every lesson enjoyable.

 MasonH-2       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      13 Dec 2016

Ross is both an amazing guy and teacher. He's really easy to get along with and i'm gutted I wont get to see him again!
Passed first time with only 4 minors, with just 30 hours of his tuition. Couldn't of asked for a better instructor.

 JennyA-25       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      03 Nov 2016

Ross was a great driving instructor who always pushed me each lesson and was calm and funny in the process. Definitely recommend!!

 SamuelH-11       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      01 Nov 2016

Ross is truly a great teacher. I had an awful instructor who shouted and lost his temper all the time, which only lead to more and more mistakes.
I had my test booked as I needed to pass asap for my work, but I was not ready. I called Ross and told him the situation I was in.
He was extremely flexible with lesson times to fit my schedule.
He was very honest with me and convinced me to push my test back a month.
I was not very good and had a huge amount of bad habits, I also did not know any of the manoeuvres!
It was a big task to get me ready in such a short time. I listened to him and followed all his advice (which he made very easy to do). The test came and I passed first time.
I cannot recommend Ross enough. If you are looking for a fantastic teacher who is a great person to be around give him a call! 10/10

 EleanorJ-4        five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      16 Sep 2016

Ross is a really great and enthusiastic instructor. He made the lessons fun and I actually enjoyed learning to drive! Bonus points to Ross because I passed 1st time!

 DipC        five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     06 Sep 2016

Couldn't ask for more.

 Ross falls in the unique category of educators that are not only extremely proficient with the subject matter that they teach,
but also excellent at teaching itself. He's great at communicating to the learner what he/she needs to do in order to improve and paces his lessons very well.
His aim is to genuinely help his students, rather than to suck money out of them - as is sadly the case with some other Instructors.
Ross helped me pass first time and has really helped me to enjoy driving (safely, of course!).
I would highly recommend Ross to anyone in need of driving lessons.

Areas covered 

Kingston upon Thames, Walton On Thames, Esher, Claygate, Hampton Court, Tolworth,
Molesey, Chessington, Surbiton, Hinchley Wood,New Maldon, Long Ditton, Thames Ditton.