Driving Lessons in Kingston
Learning to drive in Kingston can be challenging as if you live near Kingston or around the area you'll
be fully aware of the one-way system when learning to drive this can seem quite intimidating at first
but with the right training and practice can be easily overcome.
If you're learning to drive in Kingston or live nearby you are definitely going to want to use the one-way system at some point,
Kingston offers some great places to go, with shops, pubs, and lots of places to eat.
Why not let Rmc driving school teach you to drive
To help give you the confidence to pass your driving test and make it so you are able to tackle the Kingston one-way system

Kingston upon Thames is a very busy area with an influx of traffic day and night our well-known driving instructor Ross from RMC Driving will be able to guide you around this heaving hub of cars, taxis, buses with ease. If you learn to drive in Kingston upon Thames with our affordable driving lessons then Ross will be able to help you tackle the one-way system which can be very challenging at times.
There are many roads that connect with Kingston upon Thames including the A3, A307, A240 and A308 and A310, the Kingston Bypass road can be achieved with calmness and clarity due to our well-known driving instructor Ross.
Kingston upon Thames has a hub of activity and sites to see including the unusual landmark called ‘Out of Order’ by David Mach. This consists of a sculpture of twelve old telephone boxes that are all leaning over simulating dominoes.
RMC Driving also takes Pass Plus Courses and Intensive Driving Lessons around Kingston upon Thames as this is a known area for cars abruptly moving lanes and tricky manoeuvres which is where Ross your Kingston upon Thames driving instructor will be able to guide you through with ease.

 I can pick you up from your address in Kingston or surrounding area.

As a beginner driver, the first thing we would discuss is setting up the car.

The Cockpit drill

D- Doors
You are responsible for making sure all the doors boot and bonnet are closed on the car properly.
 S- Seat
You must adjust the seat so you can easily push your clutch all the way to the floor and still have a bend in your knee,
You must also adjust the head restraint so the middle of it is level with the top of your ears.

 S- Steering
We always hold the steering wheel at either 10 to 2 or 1/4 to 3, We will be practicing the Pull push method.
S- Seatbelt
When you put your seatbelt on check there are no twists in it.
M- Mirrors
We are adjusting the center mirror to see as much at the back window is possible and the two side mirrors we adjust so we can just see the
back of the car as a reference point and so the middle of a mirror so it is level with the horizon, for the best possible view.

This is all about setting your car up before we move away from the side of the road to make sure it is as safe and comfortable as possible for
when you start driving.
Living in Kingston

So if you live in or around Kingston and looking to learn to drive or looking to get back in your car after a long break and just want some are
refresher courses why not give us a call

Thanks Ross

(Fully qualified approved driving instructor)

Areas covered 

Kingston upon Thames, Walton On Thames, Esher, Claygate, Hampton Court, Tolworth,
Molesey, Chessington, Surbiton, Hinchley Wood,New Maldon, Long Ditton, Thames Ditton.