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Can't recommend highly enough!!

I can't recommend Ross highly enough. He offers a professional service that makes you feel relaxed but gives you the techniques, confidence and most importantly teaches you how all people should learn to drive.
He made me feel incredibly comfortable after almost 9 years of not being behind the wheel. He gave me my confidence back and skills that I will now take with me as I get back on the road having passed my test!
Please book Ross as you instantly feel at ease. Trust me it will be the best money spent with someone who is honest and genuinely here to help you!


PASSED FIRST TIME! Wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for Ross, he’s nothing but fantastic at his job and says it how it is, very professional and became some what my mentor in telling me to have some faith in myself and he wouldn’t have booked me for my test if he didn’t think I couldn’t do it. 
Highly recommend.

Excellent driving instructor

I would recommend Ross to anyone. He did a great job of building up my confidence and driving skills so that I could pass first time. In his approach, he made sure that I was ready to be a safe driver, rather than just preparing me for the test. He explained everything really well and gave helpful feedback at the end of every lesson so that I could focus on areas to improve. He's also a really nice guy!

Outstanding Instructor.

Ross is a genuinely experienced instructor who I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for a driving instructor for any stage of learning

I have, in the past, had several instructors of various standards which have tried to prepare me for the practical driving test. I can say with absolute and complete confidence, Ross is the best, most thorough and most comprehensive tuition I have had. Because of his teaching alone, I have finally passed my practical exam and actually feel safe and prepared for the road.

Awesome experience

Ross is a great instructor who continually challenges and improves your driving while at the same time creating a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment.
His teaching style really helped me focus on improving my own thought process so by the end of it I was confident that I knew what I was doing and was able to pass on my first attempt :)

  TkM-3    five-stars.png - 77.85 kB    19 Sep 2017
"Ross said"

Ross have trained and assisted me to pass my driving test first time. After 3 months of driving, I still use the phrase "Ross said". This simply tells me he does not only taught me to pass, his teaching stuck to my head like glue. It kept me safe and aware of the dangers. He did not waste time when we first met. He was able to spot my weaknesses and what I need to work on. There are so many instructors out there but trust me, this guy is a real deal. He is honest, friendly and most of all mega patient. He didn't yelled at me when I nearly scrape his paints from a bush instead calmly made a joke out of it. You will be in good hand if you choose this man as your instructor. Good bonus, he does cover large areas even up to Kingston. I specifically travel from Sutton all the way to Surbiton to have lessons with him. 

JosephD-34     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB        01 Sep 2017
Excellent instructor!
Ross is a fantastic teacher and I thoroughly recommend him. He is very friendly, easy going and patient.

 TiffanyP-9     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB    28 Aug 2017
Driving with confidence!
I have only good things to say about Ross! I started out as a very nervous driver and now I'm driving confidently, having passed with barely any faults. Ross is an amazing instructor; patient, friendly, and thorough with his teaching. From the start, he gets you driving and gives clear feedback on your progress after each lesson. He let me tackle problems at my own pace and was always attentive and encouraging when pointing out my mistakes. Early on, he said that his goal was not only for me to pass but to get me driving as safely as possible in the future, and I really do believe in it. Thanks again for everything, Ross!

JamesK-198     five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     23 Jul 2017
Great for if you need to rebuild confidence
I passed my test many years ago, but never owned a car and basically didn't drive at all. 

Then, when my little girl was born and I finally got a car, I found that my confidence was in the pits - especially when there was a crying child in the back seat!

Ross was fantastic in helping me gain confidence and kick my nerves. Patient, friendly, and with an always calm demeanour - I would recommend for anyone who, like me, wants to drive with new sense of confidence.

 RosieB-31   five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   02 Jul 2017

Amazing Instructor!
I highly recommend Ross as a driving instructor. He was always calm and patient, as well as really fun to learn with. His attention to detail towards the lessons was amazing and always tailored to my personal strengths and weaknesses. I always looked forward to the lessons each week! Thank you so much for teaching me!
 JorgeC-4    five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   05 Jun 2017
5+ Stars
Great instructor, two thumbs up!!! Helped me pass the driving test first time!! Highly recommend and 100% reliable. 

FmjkevlarA    five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   06 May 2017

Look no further. ,Ross is a highly skilled instructor that knows what you need to pass!

I had little to no driving experience but...

The first day I met Ross, within the first 30 seconds I knew this guy was going to be my instructor!
Ross is a genuine guy with a brilliant skill set and a great sense of humour that is always up for a laugh and puts your nerves at ease. I had alot of fun learning with Ross and realy enjoyed our lessons. He will spot every single fault with your driving and will work with you to iron those out and have you driving like a pro!
He had me passing FIRST TIME and I can honestly say "I do miss the lessons!". I dont think it's very often you get to say that about driving lessons, but as soon as you have your first few lessons with him, only then you will understand.

I urge you to have no second thoughts, look no further and just give him a call!

Thank you so much Ross, you are a legend!

Kevin Roberts
(passed 1st time)

 25rubyrockA    five-stars.png - 77.85 kB   05 May 2017
Highly Recommended!
Ross is an amazing driving instructor! He is so patient and willing to explain everything until you understand. At the beginning of each lesson he would always ask if I had any worries or questions, which we would then work on through out the lesson. I would highly recommend him to anybody wanting to learn how to drive.

PatrickW-37    five-stars.png - 77.85 kB    30 Apr 2017
Ross is a great instructor - his calmness allows you to make rapid progress without any pressure, yet he is someone you can have a laugh with too, creating a thoroughly enjoyable and constructive driving experience. He is super flexible, always on time and after passing first time with one fault would recommend highly to anyone.

JoseA-5        five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     11 Apr 2017

 Excellent service

Mr Ross is a excellent instructor. Give the best to you, very aware and gives you full instructions of what you doing and why.
This is the first and the last instructor you gonna need.

JamesT-223       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      21 Mar 2017

A superlative experience.

Ross is a great instructor, the 3rd I've been with over the years and easily the best. Punctual,
laid back and easy to get on with, extremely observant at all times and has very fast reflexes if you make a mistake and need help. He explains things very clearly,
is very constructive with his criticism and is committed to smoothing out every little imperfection in your driving so that when you take your test you will be absolutely on top form.
After years of failing my test on automatic with other instructors then giving up for a while, I switched to manual with Ross and passed first time. Highly recommended!

 SmitaP-1       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      15 Mar 2017



  HusseinA-3       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      07 Feb 2017

 Ross has been an amazing driving instructor, his calmness and patience creates a great learning environmnent. He's always on time and is flexible to suit you.
I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anyone learning to drive.

 HannahP-48       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      31 Jan 2017

My experience

I had a thoroughly enjoyable series of lessons under excellent instruction and at times that suited me.
The flexiblility about timings, pick up and drop off was unbeatable. I was given plenty of critiques so that I could improve my driving along
with praise which has formed me into a confident and competent driver.

 DiannaM 09       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      Jan 2017

Ross- the best driving instructor ever!!

Ross was my third driving instructor and by far the best! He was patient and calm and I felt that he created a positive (and even fun!) learning environment.
His method worked wonders for me and I passed the first exam I took! I definitely recommend
Ross if want to not just pass your exam but also feel supported in the journey of learning to drive.

 DannyS-51       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      14 Dec 2016

 I had 3 different instructors and he was by a milestone the best. Always making things work around my difficult schedule,
always on time and extremely helpful. When you drive, it's a relaxed drive, no pressure, it makes it a lot easier.
And even when you make mistakes he politely gives you corrections. Extremely friendly guy, will make every lesson a lesson you enjoy,
I passed with him first time with no issues at all. Would highly recommend.
Especially if you're nervous about driving, no matter what ability he makes every lesson enjoyable.

 MasonH-2       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      13 Dec 2016

Ross is both an amazing guy and teacher. He's really easy to get along with and i'm gutted I wont get to see him again!
Passed first time with only 4 minors, with just 30 hours of his tuition. Couldn't of asked for a better instructor.

 JennyA-25       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      03 Nov 2016

Ross was a great driving instructor who always pushed me each lesson and was calm and funny in the process. Definitely recommend!!

 SamuelH-11       five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      01 Nov 2016

Ross is truly a great teacher. I had an awful instructor who shouted and lost his temper all the time, which only lead to more and more mistakes.
I had my test booked as I needed to pass asap for my work, but I was not ready. I called Ross and told him the situation I was in.
He was extremely flexible with lesson times to fit my schedule.
He was very honest with me and convinced me to push my test back a month.
I was not very good and had a huge amount of bad habits, I also did not know any of the manoeuvres!
It was a big task to get me ready in such a short time. I listened to him and followed all his advice (which he made very easy to do). The test came and I passed first time.
I cannot recommend Ross enough. If you are looking for a fantastic teacher who is a great person to be around give him a call! 10/10

 EleanorJ-4        five-stars.png - 77.85 kB      16 Sep 2016

Ross is a really great and enthusiastic instructor. He made the lessons fun and I actually enjoyed learning to drive! Bonus points to Ross because I passed 1st time!

 DipC        five-stars.png - 77.85 kB     06 Sep 2016

Couldn't ask for more.

 Ross falls in the unique category of educators that are not only extremely proficient with the subject matter that they teach,
but also excellent at teaching itself. He's great at communicating to the learner what he/she needs to do in order to improve and paces his lessons very well.
His aim is to genuinely help his students, rather than to suck money out of them - as is sadly the case with some other Instructors.
Ross helped me pass first time and has really helped me to enjoy driving (safely, of course!).
I would highly recommend Ross to anyone in need of driving lessons.

Areas covered 

Kingston upon Thames,
Walton On Thames,
Esher, Claygate,
Hampton Court,
Hampton, Tolworth,
Molesey, Chessington,
Surbiton, Hinchley Wood
New Maldon, Long Ditton
Thames Ditton.